Webinar Joe Beda Cloud-Native with Navops Command

El 15 de junio Joe Beda, el “padre” de Google Compute Engine, Kubernetes y Google Container Engine impartirá el webinar “Doing it Cloud-Native with Navops Command: Workload Placement and Policies for Kubernetes Container Clusters”.

● What is cloud-native computing and what does it mean for the enterprise?
● What is Kubernetes and what role does it play?
● How to address the complexity of workload placement and policy management within the context of the Kubernetes stack – alongside other cloud-native offerings such as OpenShift, Rancher, Tectonic and others
● How to install and configure Navops Command in minutes – a solution for sophisticated workload placement and advanced policy management for Kubernetes-based container clusters
● How Navops Command is critical to cloud-native use cases for the enterprise

Registro gratuito en http://bit.ly/1U79XnM

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